What is Wire Duct?

Wire duct is a unique wire and cable management system developed specifically for use within cabinets and control panels, but can also be used to provide a professional look for home or office applications. Wiring duct is available in a wide range of sizes to cater to a broad spectrum of requirements. It is manufactured in standard PVC or Noryl material and is available in Gray, White or Black colors. Select Open Slot, Narrow Slot, Closed Slot and Solid Wall depending on the application.

Special about the wire duct:

  • Terminated wires can be re-routed easily throught the snap-off fingers
  • Wide plastic fingers give additional cable support
  • Fingers have rounded edges to protect wires and hands from cuts
  • Pre-drilled to fix to wall, and adhesive backing optional
  • Professional look for home or office
  • Lots of models and colors in gray, white and black
  • High heat deflection, minimizing distortion at high temeratures
  • Made of high impact, self extinguishing rigid PVC
  • Integral flexible vinyl lining inside walls for high friction surface
  • Divider shown is optional

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